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Course Duration: 2- Months

Course Fees: 6000/-

  • What is a .Net Framework and components in the .Net Framework
  • Different .Net Framework versions and their Dependency
  • The core of the .Net Framework and the Types of .Net Applications that we can develop
  • What are Base class Libraries and What is a Namespace
  • How the Compilation process and Execution Process is done
  • What is Portable Executable and its extensions
  • What is MSIL and Why MSIL instructions are Platform Independent Instructions
  • What is Metadata and which type of Information does the Metadata Stores
  • What is CLR and What are the Components in CLR

  • Importance of Command Line arguments
  • How to pass values for arguments through Command prompt and through command Line arguments in the visual studio
  • Different Entry point methods and Significance of the Return value in main
  • How to resolve ambiguity of  Main method
  • How to develop an application without using Visual studio .Net

  • Why we need a programming Language
  • What are the Data Types we have in C# and How to declare a Variable
  • How Data Types are Categorized into Value Type and Reference Type
  • What is Implicit Casting and Explicit casting and How to handle Overflow checks
  • Difference between string and string Builder
  • What is Boxing
  • What is Unboxing
  • What is Type Inference
  • What are constants and Enums
  • What are the Operators we have in C#
  • How the if, while, do while, switch condition will works 
  • What is the difference between for and foreach and where to use for loop and where to use foreach
  • What is single dimension Array, multi dimension Array
  • What is method overloading
  • What are optional parameters and What will happen When we not provide any value for the
  • What are Named Arguments
  • What is params Parameter
  • How to Pass argument by value, ref and out
  • How to improve our Programming skills and logical skills to become a extraordinary programmer

  • Introduction to OOPS and its priciples
  • What is a class
  • What is an object
  • What is a component
  • What is Encapsulation and Data Abstraction
  • What is an inheritance and advantages of inheritance
  • What is a ploymorphism

  • How to create a WindowsForms application
  • How to create a class and How to declare field members in it
  • How to Design GUI using Controls in the ToolBox
  • How button click event works
  • How Garbage collector will destroy the objects and What are the generations in Garbage Collector
  • What is an instance Method and What is the use of this keyword inside a method
  • What are properties and What does a get and set block do
  • What is the difference between constructor and Destructor
  • Where the static members allocate memory
  • When the memory is allocated for static members
  • How to access a static member
  • What is the role of Static constructor and How it executes
  • When to declare a class as static

  • What is Protected keyword and How to bypass it through child class
  • How to casting the reference types
  • What does a "is" operator do
  • What does "as" operator do 
  • What does "??" operator do
  • What is static Binding and Dynamic Binding
  • How to override a method
  • What is an abstract class , abstract method
  • When to declare a class as abstract
  • What is the difference between abstract class and concrete class
  • When to declare a method using new keyword
  • What is a system.object class
  • What are the methods in the object class

  • What is an interface
  • How does multiple inheritance is working with interfaces
  • How to solve if two interfaces having same method name
  • What is publicly implemented and Explicitly implemented
  • Why does the .net doesn't support multiple inheritance using classes
  • How to implement an interface by inheriting it

  • What are the Types of collections and What is IEnumerable, ICollection, IList, IDictionary
  • What is ArrayList, HashTable, SortedList, Queue, Stack
  • How to iterate using IEnumerable
  • How sort using IComparer and IComparable
  • What are the advantages of Generics and How they work at Runtime 
  • What are Generic methods and Generic collection classes
  • What is List and Dictionary

  • What is difference between DLL and EXE
  • How to build a class library
  • How to use a Class Library in another Application
  • What is Namespace
  • Internal Access Specifier 
  • Types of Assemblies
  • Global Assembly Cache

  • What is an Exception and types of Exceptions
  • How to handle Exception using try and catch blocks
  • How to throw an Exception using throw ex and throw
  • What is finally Block
  • How to define custom Exception class

  • What is a Stream
  • File Handling-Writing and Reading Characters
  • Writing and Reading Structure in Text Format
  • Writing and Reading in Binary Format

  • What is a Stream and Types of Streams 
  • What are standard IO streams
  • How Files can be Handled using FileMode, FileAccess, FileShare
  • What is Binary Reader and Binary Writer
  • How to work with File System
  • What is Serialization and Deserialization

  • How to read type information Using Reflection
  • How to work with Attributes
  • What are Pre-defined Attributes
  • What are Custom Attributes
  • How to read custom attributes Using Reflection

  • What is Operator Overloading
  • What is the partial class, partial methods
  • What are Extension Methods
  • What are Anonymous Types
  • What are Tuples
  • What is caller Information
  • What is configuration File

  • What is String Interpolation
  • What is Null Conditional Operator
  • What is Auto Property Initializer What is Dictionary / Index Initializer
  • What is Expression-bodied function members
  • What is Static Using
  • What is name of Expression
  • What are Exception Filters
  • What is Declaration Expressions
  • How does await keyword works in catch and finally block

  • What are the controls that have in the WindowsForm 
  • What are the important properties of the controls
  • What are the important Events that each control have
  • What are the Container controls
  • What are Graphical Object
  • What are GDI objects
  • What is MenuStrip, ContextMenuStrip, ToolStrip And StatusStrip
  • How to work with Model Dialog
  • How to develope a Notepad Application
  • What is Modeless dialog Box
  • What is Multiple Document Interface
  • What is Form Inheritance 
  • How to Add Login Facility to the Application
  • How to work with the Resource files
  • What is NotifyIcon Control
  • What is Timer control
  • How to Drag and Drop the Files
  • What is a Treeview
  • What is a ListView

  • Introduction to Trees
  • Programming Tree - 1
  • Programming Tree - 2

  • Introduction to N-Tier
  • What is a Tier and What is a Layer
  • What is the Role of Presentation layer, Data layer, Business object Layer, DAO layer How to design a GUI for the Application
  • How to use Helper class and Enum
  • How to pass the data from one Layer to another Layer

  • What is a XML and XML parser
  • What is DOM parser
  • How to perform CRUD operations on XML DOM
  • How to get the reference to nodes in XMLDocument using XPath
  • How XML works with DataSet
  • What is XML Textwriter and XML TextReader
  • What is XPath Document and XPath Navigator

  • What is a Windows service
  • How to create a new windows service Template
  • How to Install/Deploy windows service in the OS
  • How to Launch a Windows Service
  • How to develop an Application for controlling the Service

  • What is a Delegate
  • How to create a chat application using Delegates
  • How to raise an event using Delegates
  • What are Anonymous Methods

  • What is User Control
  • What is composite control
  • How to inherit the User Control
  • What is a custom control

  • What is process and Thread
  • What is difference between MultiThreading and Multitasking
  • What is scheduling and types of scheduling
  • How to set the Thread priority
  • How to suspend, Resume, Interrupt, Abort and get the status of Thread
  • What is cross Thread operation
  • What is Thread pool
  • What is Thread Synchronization
  • What is critical section
  • What is Mutex
  • What is Semaphore
  • What is Task parallel programming
  • What is Async Programming

  • What is Debugging
  • What is Build Configuration (Debug and Release)
  • What are List of Debugging Windows
  • What is Break Point Hit Count and Condition
  • What are Debugging Exceptions
  • What is Diagnostics
  • What is Debug and Trace Classes
  • What are Types of Listeners What is Boolean and Trace Switch 

Course NameFees Duration
Complete C Programming Course3000/-45 Days
Complete C ++ Programming Course3000/-45 Days
Core Java Development Course6000/-2 Months
Basic Python Development6000/-2 Months
Basic Android Development6000/-2 Months
Web Designing6000/-2 Months
JavaScript6000/-2 Months
Graphic Designing6000/-2 Months
Digital Marketing6000/-2 Months
PHP & MySQL6000/-2 Months
Internet of Things (IOT)6000/-2 Months
Angular JS6000/-2 Months
Node JS6000/-2 Months
React JS6000/-2 Months
C #6000/-2 Months
Project Development

Have a look on Exciting Project ideas on C#

You can build a simple calculator with C using switch cases or if-else statements. This calculator takes two operands and an arithmetic operator (+, -, *, /) from the user, however, you can expand the program to accept more than two operands and one operator by adding logic. Then, based on the operator entered by the user, it conducts the computation on the two operands. The input, however, must be in the format “number1 operator1 number2” (i.e. 2+4).

Using C language, you can also create a student management system. To handle students’ records (like Student’s roll number, Name, Subject, etc.) it employs files as a database to conduct file handling activities such as add, search, change, and remove entries. It appears a simple project but can be handy for schools or colleges that have to store records of thousands of students.

If you have ever lost track of which day of the week is today or the number of days in that particular month, you should build a calendar yourself. The Calendar is written in the C programming language, and this Calendar assists you in determining the date and day you require. We can implement it using simple if-else logic and switch-case statements. The display() function is used to display the calendar and it can be modified accordingly. It also has some additional functions.

This Phone book Project generates an external file to permanently store the user’s data (Name and phone number). The phone book is a very simple C project that will help you understand the core concepts of capacity, record keeping, and data structure. This program will show you how to add, list, edit or alter, look at, and delete data from a record.

An online voting system is a software platform that enables organizations to conduct votes and elections securely. A high-quality online voting system strikes a balance between ballot security, convenience, and the overall needs of a voting event. By collecting the input of your group in a systematic and verifiable manner, online voting tools and online election voting systems assist you in making crucial decisions. These decisions are frequently taken on a yearly basis – either during an event (such as your organization’s AGM) or at a specific time of the year. Alternatively, you may conduct regular polls among your colleagues (e.g. anonymous employee feedback surveys).

With this voting system, users can enter their preferences and the total votes and leading candidate can be calculated. It’s a straightforward C project that’s simple to grasp. Small-scale election efforts can benefit from this.

Tic-tac-toe, also known as noughts and crosses or Xs and Os, is a two-person paper and pencil game in which each player alternates marking squares in a three-by-three grid with an X or an O. The winner is the player who successfully places three of their markers in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row. You can implement this fun game using 2D arrays in the C programming language. It is important to use arrays while creating a Tic Tac Toe game in the C programming language. The Xs and Os are stored in separate arrays and passed across various functions in the code to maintain track of the game’s progress. You can play the game against the computer by entering the code here and selecting either X or O. The source code for the project is given below.

Mathematical operations are an everyday part of our life. Every day, we will connect with many forms of calculations in our environment. Matrices are mathematical structures in which integers are arranged in columns and rows. In actual life, matrices are used in many applications. The most common application is in the software sector, where pathfinder algorithms, image processing algorithms, and other algorithms are developed. Some fundamental matrix operations are performed in this project, with the user selecting the operation to be performed on the matrix. The matrices and their sizes are then entered. It’s worth noting that the project only considers square matrices.

Library management is a project that manages and preserves electronic book data based on the demands of students. Both students and library administrators can use the system to keep track of all the books available in the library. It allows both the administrator and the student to look for the desired book. The C files used to implement the system are: main.c, searchbook.c, issuebook.c, viewbook.c, and more.

The Electricity Cost Calculator project is an application-based micro project that predicts the following month’s electricity bill based on the appliances or loads used. Visual studio code was used to write the code for this project. This project employs a multi-file and multi-platform strategy (Linux and Windows). People who do not have a technical understanding of calculating power bills can use this program to forecast their electricity bills for the coming months; however, an electricity bill calculator must have the following features:

  • All loads’ power rating
  • Unit consumed per day
  • Units consumed per month, and
  • Total load calculation


The project’s goal is to inform a consumer about the MOVIE TICKET BOOKING SYSTEM so that they can order tickets. The project was created with the goal of making the process as simple and quick as possible. The user can book tickets, cancel tickets, and view all booking records using the system. Our project’s major purpose is to supply various forms of client facilities as well as excellent customer service. It should meet nearly all the conditions for reserving a ticket.

Snakes and ladders, also known as Moksha Patam, is an ancient Indian board game for two or more players that is still considered a worldwide classic today. It’s played on a gridded game board with numbered squares. On the board, there are several “ladders” and “snakes,” each linking two distinct board squares. The dice value can either be provided by the user or it can be generated randomly. If after moving, the pointer points to the block where the ladder is, the pointer is directed to the top of the ladder. If unfortunately, the pointer points to the mouth of a snake after moving, the pointer is redirected to the tail of the snake.

This system is built on the concept of booking bus tickets in advance. The user can check the bus schedule, book tickets, cancel reservations, and check the bus status board using this system. When purchasing tickets, the user must first enter the bus number, after which the system will display the entire number of bus seats along with the passengers’ names, and the user must then enter the number of tickets, seat number, and person’s name.
We will be using arrays, if-else logic, loop statements, and various functions like login(), cancel(), etc. to implement the project.

Pacman, like other classic games, is simple to play. In this game, you must consume as many small dots as possible to earn as many points as possible. The entire game was created using the C programming language. Graphics were employed in the creation of this game. To create the game, you have to first define the grid function to manage the grid structure. To control the movement, you can define functions such as move_right(), move_left(), move_up() and move_down(). C files to add ghosts and their functionalities, positions check, etc. can be added to make the game more fun. The customers will find this C Programming game to be simple to comprehend and manage.

Have a look on Exciting Project ideas on C#

Online Cinema Ticket Booking System

The primary purpose of making the online cinema ticket booking system is to create an automatic online based system which will provide an easy and an alternate way to book a ticket for a movie. The customer will need to enter the information related to film after which the system will provide options to book the ticket. In this Online Cinema Ticket Booking System, the staff of the cinema hall won’t have to do anything for the ticket booking as the process will be done by the customer through the web which will reduce the amount of staff required in the booking counter.

Cooking Recipe Portal System

The aim of this Cooking Recipe Portal project is to construct an online system by use of which a user can learn various kinds of the recipe. This system can be beneficial for a restaurant or to the instructor who teaches the cooking as they can spread their recipe to the other. The user can also post their recipe on the website. As the Cooking Recipe Portal system will be based on the internet, the user can learn the recipe from any place and can view the recipe any number of times. The users can give feedback to the recipe.

Pharmacy Management System Project

The purpose of this Pharmacy Management System project is to improve the maintenance and manipulation of the drugs in the medicals. The pharmacy management system will be used to minimize the time and resource by maintaining the details of the drug systemically so that the data can be used in possible quickest time. While the resource which is minimized are workforce, money, papers, etc. The system is user-friendly and will help the pharmacist. This Pharmacy Management System will reduce the burden on pharmacist and will make the system efficient by providing the more accurate details about drugs in the medical.

Classified Website Like Sulekha Project

The Classified Website project aim is to help the user to get the different services from the single platform. This system will consist the information related to various fields and it will provide the service from each field. The software will reduce the time and labour required for a person to get the information about the service from any field. A user can choose the services between the different price range, cost and in this way the user will get the best service with most affordable price. While the software will contain thousand of service, they will not get any problem to use the system as it will be very interactive.

Civil Registry System

The primary purpose of making this Civil Registry System website is to reduce the time and work required to do the government related work. The site will provide the details of each government documents and registration details while at the same time it will help the users to apply those documents. The main aim of this Civil Registry System project is to reduce the burden on users and reduce the crowd at the government office. The system will help in the reduction of the corruption as the public can apply directly from the website and can check the status of their application.

Employee Management System

The primary concern of this Employee Management System project is to make a system which will help any organization to maintain the employee’s information. The user can easily operate this system as it will provide the user-friendly interface. The Employee Management System will be based on the internet and can be accessed from anywhere. This project will make the entire management system automate to increase the speed of the management system, further it will reduce the cost of management by reducing the number of persons required to maintain any information. While the development of the system will be simple and allow for the expansion of the project in the future as per the requirement.

Advertising Agency Management System

The primary purpose of the advertisement agency management system is to improve the sales of any product as a marketing strategy. The software will provide a system which helps the advertiser and a user to advertise their products online. The users can use this software to generate an ad and publish them on the different websites. The Advertising Agency Management System will provide various options to make the system easy so that a user who doesn’t know the programming can also use the system and can get the benefit of the software.

Distributed Caching in the Multi Server

The aim of the distributed caching multi-server environment is to spread the load in the local caching and increase the speed. The system will reduce the database and will improve the scale ability while the memory consumption will be reduced in the system by distributing the stored data. It will reduce the error in the system by partitioning the cache to keep the data in the different machine within the system. While the data are stored at a different location, the access of data will be smooth and steady.

SMS Based Remote Server Monitoring System

The organization who is hosting the data server for a large number of clients faces the problem with the monitor of the up and down of the server using Remote Server Monitoring System. The problem is more on the night as at that time the number of network engineer is less. When downtime of the server happen the organization should identify and remove the problem but in general, the client reports about the issue with the server when they try to access to the system and due to this the organization can cause the loss of the customer.

Exam Scheduler System

The purpose of the exam scheduler system is to improve the student experience and reduce the burden on the faculty of the school or the exam administration. This system will be able to arrange the big exam with large numbers of student quickly. It will make the time table of exam such the student will get the enough time for each subject. While the Exam Scheduler System will ensure the security of the question paper. The Exam Scheduler System will also help the students by making a timetable for preparation of each subject. The project will be used to conduct multiple exams at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • All stream students eg. Engineering, BCA, BSc, BBA, Bcom, BA.
  • Any who wants to learn a new skill or improve skill for there career.

  • Basic computer knowledge.
  • Basic knowledge of C or C++ or any programming language or programming fundamentals.
  • General knowledge of what are programming languages.

  • Yes, a course completion certificate is given after the completion of this course.

  • Both the offline and online modes are available for this course.

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