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  • A Temperature Sensor is a device which is used to measure heat or temperature on the operating machine part. Temperature sensing is performed by gadget called Thermocouple. A thermocouple is a temperature-measuring device consisting of two dissimilar conductors that contact each other at one or more points. It produces a voltage when the temperature of one of the points differs from the reference temperature at other parts of the circuit.

  • Proximity sensor is using to detect the motion and very common to use in retail shop, through this device retailer will use customer’s proximity to any product and same time they can sent the coupons and deals to the customer’s mobile or on email. Now a days proximity sensor are using to check the availability or free spaces like parking space, sitting spaces in sports stadium, mall and airports.

  • A pressure sensor is a gadget equipped with a pressure-sensitive element that’s used to measure the pressure of a liquid or a gas against a diaphragm made of silicon, stainless steel, etc., and converts the measured value into an electrical signal as an output. It’s also use to measure the water flow through pipes or tank and notify the concern person when something need to be fixed. 

  • Water quality sensor are mainly used to measure a dozen of the most relevant water quality parameters, Wasp-mote Smart Water is the first water quality-sensing platform to feature autonomous nodes that connect to the Cloud for real-time water control. It’s used to measure quality of sea water, river water and etc.

  • smoke and gas detector is a gadget that sense gas, smoke and typically it’s an indicator of fire. Now a days all security devices using this sensor to passing signal to fire alarm to control panel. Household smoke detector is also known as smoke alarm, most of the device manufacturer using audible or visual alarm system in security devices that detect automatically.

  • It’s used to detect the level of liquids and other fluids and fluidized solids, including granular materials, slurries and powders that exhibit an upper free surface. Level sensors is also using for water waste management and recycling purpose, like it’s using to measure water tank levels, petrol fuel gauging, high or low level alarm, liquid assets inventory and irrigation control.

  • This smart gadget is used to detect the infrared lights. Infrared sensor visualize the heat leaks in houses, identify environmental chemicals in the environment, and helping doctor to measure patient blood flow. It can be integrated with wearable electronics. A very simple example, all the remotes having IR sensor, it’s using to pass the command to respective devices, like TV remote, fan remote, vehicle key remote all having infrared sensor.

  • An Ultrasonic sensor is used to measure the distance between the two object by using sound waves. It’s measure distance by sending sound wave at a specific frequency and listen that sound wave house to measure distance. There are two kind of an ultrasonic sensor is, “active ultrasonic sensor” and “passive ultrasonic sensors”. An active ultrasonic sensors generates the high frequency sound wave to receive back the ultrasonic sensor for evaluating the echo. But, passive ultrasonic sensors are just used for detecting ultrasonic noise which is present under specific conditions.

  • Image sensors are instruments which are used to convert optical images into electronic signals for displaying or storing files electronically.The major use of image sensor is found in digital camera & modules, medical imaging and night vision equipment,thermal imaging devices, radar, sonar, media house, Biometric & IRIS devices.

  • A motion detector is an electronic device which is used to detect the physical movement(motion) in a given area and it transforms motion into an electric signal ; motion of any object or motion of human beings Motion detection plays an important role in the security industry.Businesses utilize these sensors in areas where no movement should be detected at all times, and it is easy to notice anybody’s presence with these sensors installed.

  • Accelerometer is a transducer that is used to measure the physical or measurable acceleration experienced by an object due to inertial forces and converts the mechanical motion into an electrical output. It is defined as rate of change of velocity with respect to time These sensors are now present in millions of devices, such as smartphones. Their uses involve detection of vibrations, tilting and acceleration in general. 

  • A sensor or device which is used to measure the angular rate or angular velocity is known as Gyro sensors, Angular velocity is simply defined as a measurement of speed of rotation around an axis. It is a device used primarily for navigation and measurement of angular and rotational velocity in 3-axis directions. The most important application is monitoring the orientation of an object.

  • Humidity is defined as the amount of water vapour in an atmosphere of air or other gases. The most commonly used terms are “Relative Humidity (RH). These sensors usually follow the use of temperature sensors, as many manufacturing processes require perfect working conditions. Through measuring humidity, you can ensure that the whole process runs smoothly, and when there is any sudden change, action can be taken immediately, as sensors detect the change almost instantaneously.

  • A sensor which measures the physical quantity of light rays and convert it into electrical signal which can be easily readable by user or an electronic instrument/device is called optical sensor. Optical sensors are loved by IoT experts, as they are practical for measuring different things simultaneously. The technology behind this sensor allows it to monitor electromagnetic energy, which includes, electricity, light and so on.

Course NameFees Duration
Complete C Programming Course3000/-45 Days
Complete C ++ Programming Course3000/-45 Days
Core Java Development Course6000/-2 Months
Basic Python Development6000/-2 Months
Basic Android Development6000/-2 Months
Web Designing6000/-2 Months
JavaScript6000/-2 Months
Graphic Designing6000/-2 Months
Digital Marketing6000/-2 Months
PHP & MySQL6000/-2 Months
Internet of Things (IOT)6000/-2 Months
Angular JS6000/-2 Months
Node JS6000/-2 Months
React JS6000/-2 Months
C #6000/-2 Months
Project Development

Have a look on Exciting Project ideas on Sensor

You can build a simple calculator with C using switch cases or if-else statements. This calculator takes two operands and an arithmetic operator (+, -, *, /) from the user, however, you can expand the program to accept more than two operands and one operator by adding logic. Then, based on the operator entered by the user, it conducts the computation on the two operands. The input, however, must be in the format “number1 operator1 number2” (i.e. 2+4).

Using C language, you can also create a student management system. To handle students’ records (like Student’s roll number, Name, Subject, etc.) it employs files as a database to conduct file handling activities such as add, search, change, and remove entries. It appears a simple project but can be handy for schools or colleges that have to store records of thousands of students.

If you have ever lost track of which day of the week is today or the number of days in that particular month, you should build a calendar yourself. The Calendar is written in the C programming language, and this Calendar assists you in determining the date and day you require. We can implement it using simple if-else logic and switch-case statements. The display() function is used to display the calendar and it can be modified accordingly. It also has some additional functions.

This Phone book Project generates an external file to permanently store the user’s data (Name and phone number). The phone book is a very simple C project that will help you understand the core concepts of capacity, record keeping, and data structure. This program will show you how to add, list, edit or alter, look at, and delete data from a record.

An online voting system is a software platform that enables organizations to conduct votes and elections securely. A high-quality online voting system strikes a balance between ballot security, convenience, and the overall needs of a voting event. By collecting the input of your group in a systematic and verifiable manner, online voting tools and online election voting systems assist you in making crucial decisions. These decisions are frequently taken on a yearly basis – either during an event (such as your organization’s AGM) or at a specific time of the year. Alternatively, you may conduct regular polls among your colleagues (e.g. anonymous employee feedback surveys).

With this voting system, users can enter their preferences and the total votes and leading candidate can be calculated. It’s a straightforward C project that’s simple to grasp. Small-scale election efforts can benefit from this.

Tic-tac-toe, also known as noughts and crosses or Xs and Os, is a two-person paper and pencil game in which each player alternates marking squares in a three-by-three grid with an X or an O. The winner is the player who successfully places three of their markers in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row. You can implement this fun game using 2D arrays in the C programming language. It is important to use arrays while creating a Tic Tac Toe game in the C programming language. The Xs and Os are stored in separate arrays and passed across various functions in the code to maintain track of the game’s progress. You can play the game against the computer by entering the code here and selecting either X or O. The source code for the project is given below.

Mathematical operations are an everyday part of our life. Every day, we will connect with many forms of calculations in our environment. Matrices are mathematical structures in which integers are arranged in columns and rows. In actual life, matrices are used in many applications. The most common application is in the software sector, where pathfinder algorithms, image processing algorithms, and other algorithms are developed. Some fundamental matrix operations are performed in this project, with the user selecting the operation to be performed on the matrix. The matrices and their sizes are then entered. It’s worth noting that the project only considers square matrices.

Library management is a project that manages and preserves electronic book data based on the demands of students. Both students and library administrators can use the system to keep track of all the books available in the library. It allows both the administrator and the student to look for the desired book. The C files used to implement the system are: main.c, searchbook.c, issuebook.c, viewbook.c, and more.

The Electricity Cost Calculator project is an application-based micro project that predicts the following month’s electricity bill based on the appliances or loads used. Visual studio code was used to write the code for this project. This project employs a multi-file and multi-platform strategy (Linux and Windows). People who do not have a technical understanding of calculating power bills can use this program to forecast their electricity bills for the coming months; however, an electricity bill calculator must have the following features:

  • All loads’ power rating
  • Unit consumed per day
  • Units consumed per month, and
  • Total load calculation


The project’s goal is to inform a consumer about the MOVIE TICKET BOOKING SYSTEM so that they can order tickets. The project was created with the goal of making the process as simple and quick as possible. The user can book tickets, cancel tickets, and view all booking records using the system. Our project’s major purpose is to supply various forms of client facilities as well as excellent customer service. It should meet nearly all the conditions for reserving a ticket.

Snakes and ladders, also known as Moksha Patam, is an ancient Indian board game for two or more players that is still considered a worldwide classic today. It’s played on a gridded game board with numbered squares. On the board, there are several “ladders” and “snakes,” each linking two distinct board squares. The dice value can either be provided by the user or it can be generated randomly. If after moving, the pointer points to the block where the ladder is, the pointer is directed to the top of the ladder. If unfortunately, the pointer points to the mouth of a snake after moving, the pointer is redirected to the tail of the snake.

This system is built on the concept of booking bus tickets in advance. The user can check the bus schedule, book tickets, cancel reservations, and check the bus status board using this system. When purchasing tickets, the user must first enter the bus number, after which the system will display the entire number of bus seats along with the passengers’ names, and the user must then enter the number of tickets, seat number, and person’s name.
We will be using arrays, if-else logic, loop statements, and various functions like login(), cancel(), etc. to implement the project.

Pacman, like other classic games, is simple to play. In this game, you must consume as many small dots as possible to earn as many points as possible. The entire game was created using the C programming language. Graphics were employed in the creation of this game. To create the game, you have to first define the grid function to manage the grid structure. To control the movement, you can define functions such as move_right(), move_left(), move_up() and move_down(). C files to add ghosts and their functionalities, positions check, etc. can be added to make the game more fun. The customers will find this C Programming game to be simple to comprehend and manage.

Have a look on Exciting Project ideas on Sensor

Car parking sensor

The parking sensors that we have in cars today are programmed on a simple breadboard and a sensor. Some sensors also calculate the distances between the obstacle and the car to tell you how close you are to hitting the object and show by means of a sound. There can also be another way to indicate the obstacle. For example, the sensors measure the distance the sensor is from an object or obstacle and it will emit an LED from blue to red as the object is within range and closer to the target area. The sensor is an ultrasonic sensor which can be used to measure the distance of an object from a certain position. The sensor emits ultrasonic waves which are reflected back by the object. The time taken by the waves to travel back and forth is calculated and multiplied with a velocity of sound to get the distance measurement. Things you need: Breadboard, an ultrasonic ranger, two LEDs, buzzer and RGB LCD Display.

Maze solving robot

Maze solver robot involves developing the program and logic that will make the robot solve the maze by itself. It portrays one of the important ways in which we can train the machines to achieve a complicated task on their own. Things you need: Arduino UNO, motor driver, geared DC motors, IR sensor modules.

Temperature sensor

The digital temperature sensor interfaced to the 8051 microcontrollers is used for sensing the temperature conditions. By using four push buttons of this circuit we can adjust the temperature settings. If the temperature exceeds a preset value then the load is turned off automatically and if the temperature falls below a set value, then the load, which is the lamp, is turned on automatically. Things you need: Microcontroller, breadboard, temperature sensor, lamp.

Automatic Door Opening System

This can be implemented for opening the door automatically by detecting the human body temperature. But, the simple projects can be used to operate these doors automatically using a PIR sensor as shown in the figure below. The infrared radiation emitted from a human body is detected by a passive infrared sensor or the PIR sensor of an automatic door opening system project. This PIR sensor generates a sensing signal after detecting infrared energy emitted from the human body. This signal is fed to the 8051 microcontrollers which are interfaced to the door motor through motor driver IC. Thus, if any, human body comes near to the sensing area of the PIR sensor, automatic door system, then the door gets opened and closes automatically after a fixed time delay. Things you need: Temperature sensor, PIR, sensor, microcontroller.

Speed Checker to Detect Rash Driving on Vehicles

Rash driving is one of the major reasons for road accidents. Most of the road accidents can be prevented if the rash driving is controlled. This is achieved by monitoring the speed of the vehicles and accordingly generates a warning when the speed of the vehicle increases. Here a speed checker system is designed where the time taken by the vehicle to travel from the spot on the highway to another is measured and the speed of the vehicle is accordingly calculated. Here two IR sensors are used at two different locations. Two timers are used which receives input from the two sensors. The output from both the timers drives a NAND gate which in turn drives another timer to trigger a buzzer in case of the speed going more than the set limit. A decade counter shows the time count of the output pulses or counts the clock pulses, i.e. the time is taken to move from IR sensor position to another. A speed limit is set and the distance between the two spots is fixed.

Bluetooth controlled robot using Android mobile

For this project, it required for the Android mobile user has to install an application on her/his mobile. Then the user needs to turn on the Bluetooth in the mobile. can use various commands like move forward, reverse, stop move left, move right. These commands are sent from the android mobile to the Bluetooth receiver. The Android-based robot has a Bluetooth receiver unit which receives the commands and gives it to the microcontroller circuit to control the motors. The microcontroller then transmits the signal to the motor driver IC’s to operate the motors. Robots can also be made so that they can be controlled by Bluetooth. Things you need: Android mobile, Bluetooth receiver unit, 8051 microcontrollers, LCD Display, motor driver, DC motors.

Home security system

Home security system project consists of an IR transmitter and receiver module which works for the safety of doors at night or in case we are out of the home. When the IR sensors are interrupted, a buzzer is turned on indicating someone is entered into the house. It has an LPG gas sensor. It is provided to detect LPG gas leakage. A buzzer is turned on when gas is detected by the sensor. It also serves the functionality of a door-latch opening using a password entered through the keypad. A serial port is used to send the data from all modules to a computer. This project can be used to implement other related modules like fire sensor and wind sensor. Things you need: Transmitter, receiver, gas sensor, computer.

Moisture sensor

Most soil moisture sensors are designed to estimate soil volumetric water content based on the dielectric constant of the soil. The dielectric constant can be thought of as the soil’s ability to transmit electricity. The dielectric constant of soil increases as the water content of the soil increases. This response is due to the fact that the dielectric constant of water is much larger than the other soil components, including air. Thus, the measurement of the dielectric constant gives a predictable estimation of water content. Things you need: Breadboard, Arduino UNO, soil moisturiser sensor.

Contactless Liquid Level Controller

A water-level controlling mechanism is developed to sense the water level in the tank without any contact with the tank and accordingly controls the pump to fill water into the tank. Here ultrasonic sensors are used to sense the water level in the tank. The ultrasonic sensor senses the liquid level in the water tank and feeds this information to the microcontroller. Based on the input from the sensor, the microcontroller accordingly controls the switching of the relay switch, which is a combination of a transistor and a MOSFET in this case. The relay is accordingly controlled to switch on the load in case the water level is less or switch off the load in case the water level is more.

Remote Jamming Device

Here a device is developed which produces IR rays which can block the rays from the TV remote. The frequency of the IR light is the same as the frequency of IR light by the TV remote. This can be placed at the TV receiver such that the rays received by the remote are superimposed by the IR rays emitted by this device. Here a timer powered by a battery is used to produce pulses at a frequency equal to the remote output signal frequency and more than 50% duty cycle, to drive the transistor, which in turn provides power to the IR diode and accordingly the IR diode emits IR rays at that frequency.

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